Lynne Jaeger Weinstein is a nationally published fine arts photographer whose work has appeared in publications such as Parenting, Orion, and The New York Times. Her work has been exhibited in New York City, Boston, and Vermont.  

Recently recognized by The Maine Photographic Workshop's Golden Light Award as one of the top 50 emerging photographers in the country, she has been taking photographs since she was 12.

Lynne strives to make photographs that quietly challenge her audience. "I create images inspired by the beauty present in our every day world: the texture of a flower petal, the shape of a piece of fruit, the wrinkles in a child’s hand. My goal is to foster a connection to these easily overlooked moments thus, for me, photography becomes a tool for cultivating mindfulness."

Lynne has worked with many alternative processes in creating her work over the last several years. She uses a wide variety of processes, depending upon the subject of her work. Botanicals employs a 4 x 5 view camera and Polaroid film. Nature's Bounty utilizes the texture of hand coated silver gelatin emulsion and split toning.

A New York City native who has worked as a photo editor on special projects for Life Magazine, she currently lives in Vermont with her family and focuses her work on that which grows around her.

Aperture Images represents a portion of Lynne's editorial work. Please contact Aperture Images or Lynne directly if you are interested in licensing.All photographs available for sale on this website are custom printed per order by the photographer in her darkroom. Please allow 2 weeks for the printing and 5 days for shipping.

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